Thanks for inspiring us!

SeeClickFix neighbors,
I wanted to reach out and say thank you. A few times recently I've been caught off guard with a feeling of euphoria because of actions taken by neighbors, documented on SeeClickFix. Each of these actions belongs to an issue that gets archived in my Gmail under the semi-lame label 'cool issues.' While the reported issues are many times very different--from a loose manhole cover to an abandoned pet--the resulting conversation is what elicits the emotion for me.
The common thread in the response that seems to get me is that one or many people are jumping into assist on an issue where the issue reporter did not ask for their help or intend them to be the primary responder. We all have heard the stories of entire neighborhoods that sat idly by while a person screamed for help. It is awesome to know that the community that I get to work with every day is not that community. I'm convinced that the majority of you are the folks that will be the first to run out in the street to help push a stalled car--or the third if you see that the first two helpers still could use more hands.
Last week, I saw a perfect example of this: people stepping up to help one after the other. Please read the issue, get inspired by these awesome neighbors, and continue to inspire us to work harder for you...