September SeeClickFix Press Roundup!

Charleston, Illinois gets a new app! In the Journal-Gazette & Times-Courier, which was also covered in a cool video on Illinois

The Macomb Daily announced their launch with a SeeClickFix widget for their readers.

The Financial Times hit us with two great articles on the same day, which is pretty incredible.

Inside Bainbridge has this month's cleverest headline, "See Crap, Use This App" for Bainbridge Island.

The Mercer Cluster reports on Macon, Georgia using SeeClickFix for its citizens.

Tucson Velo reminds us (in awesome, impressive detail) to report our road problems.

The City of Stockbridge includes a nifty SeeClickFix mention in their newsletter, a PDF copy of which can be seen here.

Chicopee, MA becomes another great new Commonwealth Connect partner.

And finally, Financial Times & Citi Ingenuity Awards 2013 name SeeClickFix as a finalist, taking place later this month.

Did we miss something? Did you write about SeeClickFix? Let us know and we'd love to write about it!