Longtime SeeClickFix Partner Lansing, MI Gets a Nice Website Overhaul

Lansing, MI signed on to SeeClickFix as one of our earliest partners. Lansing has been with us since we were the new kid on the block. We're excited to continue working with the city as our product expands and as the city increases its digital presence. This week, Lansing launched an awesome new website. The site has streamlined navigation and makes it easy for residents to connect to the city using SeeClickFix. The design is clean and inviting, representative of a city that cares deeply about engaging its citizens.

Congrats to the folks who built the Lansing's new website and the Lansing project managers. Kudos to Julie Ramaccia, SeeClickFix Account Executive, who works with the city. A real win all around.

Go Lansing! Check out the site here.