Gadgets, Gismos, and a Happy Button for Agoura Hills

We recently inked a partnership with the City of Agoura Hills, our 15th municipal government in the great state of California! Over the next couple of months, we'll be working with city staff to implement our civic CRM platform, and rollout our citizen engagement tools.
We know what you're thinking: when will we see Agouras Hills resident Erin Brockovich fixing up her neighborhood from the palm of their hand, via our mobile app? (Sans lawyers, of course!) Unfortunately, she'll have to wait until the city officially launches our platform in December. In the meantime, Conejo Valley local newspaper publisher The Acorn has the scoop, announcing the program today:

Imagine walking down a street in Agoura Hills and tripping on the sidewalk because the lifted root of a tree cracked the concrete. Or perhaps you stroll by a wall scribbled with graffiti or wander past a tree near a business center where thousands of wasps are ready to strike.

The City of Agoura Hills will soon have a quick and easy fix for any problem that arises under its jurisdiction. Residents will have the chance to submit service requests instantaneously through a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.

Wasps? RUN! Then open SeeClickFix (from a safe distance), and report the nest. Your neighbors will thank you. Moreover, Agoura Hills city officials will thank you. Yes, it's nice to have a local government that proactively engages with the community, using technology to facilitate constructive dialogue. In other news, we're officially a gadget and a gizmo. The Acorn continues:

Councilmembers were happy with the new technology.

Councilmember Harry Schwarz joked that he was glad that the city technology has caught up with the gadgets and gismos kids use regularly.

"We've done so much to make it easier for people to become engaged with government," Schwarz said. He envisions residents reporting snarled traffic, parking violations and other problems.

"Maybe there can be a happy button," he joked. "We've really come into the 21st century."

Did someone say happy button? Coming right up, Harry! Meet our recently launched "Say Thanks" feature, which allows citizens to send positive feedback to the city, when an issue has been resolved.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on the launch of Agoura Hills, and hopefully other communities in the greater Los Angeles area. Want to see your city adopt SeeClickFix? Show up at a city council meeting and ask them! Tell them about our civic mobile apps and management tools. Or make an introduction for us to any city employee, and we'd be happy to give them a platform demo.


UPDATE: They're live at