Hello Holyoke! Welcome to the citizen engagement family.

We're excited welcome the City of Holyoke, Massachusetts as our latest municipal government partner, launching today! As announced by Mayor Alex Morse:

"I could not be more excited about launching this new initiative. This mobile application will not only ensure clear communication between the City of Holyoke and its taxpayers, but it will also encourage residents to take ownership of their community."

To get involved, head over to the city's Report an Issue page, where you'll find an interactive service request map, as well as links to our mobile application. Thanks to the open nature of our platform, you can also browse problems that have already been reported by the community.

We're truly honored to partner with such a progressive community as Holyoke, not to mention a fellow post-industrial New England city along the I-91 corridor. On a personal note, we're all rail fans here at SeeClickFix, and we're lucky to have a major Amtrak hub in our hometown of New Haven, CT. So we are genuinely excited to hear that Amtrak will return to Holyoke, with the long-awaited re-routing of the Vermonter line back along the Connecticut River Valley. [Just to be sure, perhaps someone should report this via SeeClickFix?]

So while I was going to close with "We'll always have I-91", instead let me just say cheers to future on-site visits by train!


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