SeeClickFix Launches a New Feature to Help States, Counties and Other Regional Collaboratives Shoulder Civic Communication

This week we signed the Utah Department of Transportation and announced a new routing feature based on road data.

One of the most valuable features of the SeeClickFix platform has always been the unique ability to route service requests to the proper individual in the proper department in the proper city, county, state, or other geo-political boundary.

We recently updated our service request functionality to allow for the creation of routing areas based on road center-line data. We are pleased to announce that the State of Utah will be the first to make use of this feature through their Department of Transportation. Here's an example of how this feature works: the map below shows all issues that have been reported in New Haven, CT on state maintained roads. In the future we can ship those issues off to the Connecticut Department of Transportation in an automated fashion based on a quick upload of their shapefiles into our geography zone manager. In the future, a citizen who wants to report a pothole on a state road will not need prior knowledge that it is a state road. SeeClickFix will provide the information for the reporter and route the request appropriately.

This functionality will be valuable for state-level Departments of Transportation as well counties that manage a complex array of roads within multiple town boundaries. As resources become more constrained, the geo-dynamic cloud based nature of SeeClickFix will allow more municipal entities to work together to share communication resources and think and act regionally. In North Carolina, the Bay Area, Massachusetts, Georgia, Minnesota and other states we are already seeing a regional use of SeeClickFix spreading rapidly. The road center-line filtering feature will surely help Departments of Transportation and other regional organizations manage citizen response more efficiently.