SeeClickFix Announces the SCF Fellowship and is Taking Interviews Starting…Now.

Connecticut Innovations and CTNEXT, two quasi-public entities in the State, requested proposals for ideas on growing the entrepreneurial community in Connecticut. We were immediately intrigued and submitted a proposal that would help SeeClickFix grow while also helping to create new businesses in New Haven. The proposal was generated from a premise that there were key factors that helped SCF go from idea to start-up and that those factors could be replicated for others looking to launch businesses.

We were excited to find out this morning that the SCF Fellowship program has been awarded and we can immediately start interviewing candidates. WOOT WOOT!

Here are the environmental factors we are looking to create for our entrepreneur candidates:

-Access to software technical know-how.
-Access to business technical know-how.
-Access to start-up technical know-how.
-A very short timeline with a concise cut-off point.
-A low-stress workday that allows for high-energy nights-and-weekends commitment to your project.

So here's what we are looking for:

-Aspiring entrepreneurs with a business that they have already started working on but have not yet fully committed to.
-Someone who's willing to work nights and weekends on their start-up for the next 6 months.
-Someone who's looking to learn about operating a start-up through osmosis.
-Awesome and feasible businesses ideas that will help grow New Haven's economy.
-Software and web-based businesses are preferred as we think that's where we will find the best fit... but we won't rule out others.

    What we're providing:

    -A 30-hour/week paid position at SeeClickFix for 6 months
    -that will help you pay your electric bill and eat your ramen noodles,
    -and that will not be physically or mentally draining,
    -so that you can work on starting your business outside of the 30 hours,
    -and gain a boat-load of experience and make connections with a company that has been through it all before you are kicked out on to the curb to launch your thing.

      Here's how to start: pitch your idea in a tweet @benberkowitz with #ctnext #scfellowship ASAP. We can start folks in as soon as two weeks and would prefer to do so. (Hint: Being nimble and willing to drop your past life at the drop of a hat is part of the requirement hurdle. Also, not being scared to share your idea on the Internets is also part of the test.)

      You can read the press release here.

      UPDATE: "The Grove is proud to announce a collaboration with the SCF Fellowship Program.

      Graduates of the SCF Fellowship Program will receive 6 months of full time coworking space at The Grove. This will help keep these growing startups connected to the resources and expertise they need to grow and scale their business. It will also keep them connected to New Haven's growing startup community."