Volunteers in New Haven step-up to get more neighbors' issues fixed – join them today at 4:30 PM

Over the weekend two volunteers, Nick and Andria, along with myself went out to a location in New Haven where there is lower usage on SeeClickFix. Our strategy was to use a campaign technique where we asked folks on the street what they wanted fixed in the neighborhood. We then offered the solution of reporting the issue on SeeClickFix as opposed to a candidate to vote for.

The first person we ran into knew all about SeeClickFix and could have been an evangelist herself. We probably should have recruited her to our team. The next few folks did not know about SeeClickFix but we were able to report a few issues for them and add them as followers on the issues.

We have already started talking to the next Mayor of New Haven's transition team about focusing on larger user adoption locally. In the meantime local volunteers are seeing the difference that SCF makes in neighborhoods with large adoption and getting the word-out.

If you want to Join Nick and Andria at 4:30 today or in the future come to the SCF office or sign-up here: [googleapps domain="docs" dir="forms/d/1zsFvDyrT_rRycEEFgRPme1wrpfD9778-lGx4yAvWTdk/viewform" query="embedded=true" width="760" height="500" /]