Click Thank You

On June 5th of this year SCF user 'beautify' was the first to click the newly released "Thank You" button upon the clean-up of a large pile of illegally dumped material in the city of Oakland. Yet to be exposed in the API, the widgets or the mobile apps the "Thank You" button currently exists on the SCF website. On Thanksgiving there are now 6,000 thank you's that have been sent to public officials and others who have helped to fix issues around the world.

Just yesterday I clicked "Thank You" when awesome neighbors and SCF power user Juli helped return a lost puppy home the day before Thanksgiving.

The "Thank You" button appears in place of the vote button when issues are resolved and on Fridays the platform sends a condensed email of all the Thank You's that the fixer has received for that week.

Here's all of the fixed issues in the United States if you want to spend some time thanking Public Officials today.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You!