Raleigh: Using Technology to Crowdsource and Crowdfund Bike Planning Initiatives

"Biking is definitely on the rise," said Jennifer Baldwin, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Raleigh.
The city has made numerous investments to advance bike-friendliness, including bike lanes and infrastructure. Now, the city harnesses technology and one of its greatest resources for bike rack planning: its residents.
For two weeks in November, Raleigh residents proposed bike rack locations throughout the city. Raleigh used SeeClickFix as a platform for crowdsourcing – bringing together people, ideas and resources - to determine the best locations for these new racks.
Citizens suggested and voted for bike rack locations by selecting the "Pick a Bike Rack Location!" service request through SeeClickFix. Thirty requests were submitted, and there are a few competitive contenders:
A bike rack at the Moore Square parking deck means residents would no longer need to attach their bikes to poles and staircases.
Additional bike racks in Blount Street and Person Street also received ample citizen endorsement.
Raleigh citizens will be able to make monetary contributions - also known as crowdfunding - through neighbor.ly for artistic bike racks.
The specific bike rack locations have yet to be decided, as a number of factors need to be considered. Jennifer Baldwin noted that popularity and demand are major factors in selecting the locations. However, the city also needs to determine whether the bike racks will actually fit in the proposed locations and whether they are on state right-of-way or city right-of way properties.
The initial planning of the crowdfunding initiatives began earlier this summer and the city continued promotion of this service request on their siteand through local press.

Stay tuned for the final locations and pictures of these bike racks!