LT Governor Newsom calls for #OpenData in #CA and plugs SCF

Last week I had the pleasure of joining two brilliant women, Christina Gagnier and Marcy Harris, in Sacramento at the California Innovates conference. Marcy is the founder of, a platform similar to SeeClickFix for putting "your message in the language of Congress". Christina is the founder of Trail as well as one of California's leading privacy attorneys and host at I've been lucky to know both Marcy and Christina since about 2010 but this was the first time I was able to join them on stage. Christina did a great job with the Interview and it was refreshing to hear Marci share a similar motivation and experience in popvox with SeeClickFix.

Some key takeaways from our conversation:
1) A communications problem can only be solved well by addressing the speaking and the listening tools.
2) Tools that attempt to work with the government for the citizens make the most successful public engagement platforms.

Here's the video of our Conversation

I also greatly enjoyed listening to LT Governor Gavin Newsom discuss the perils of government IT in California. The gloves came off as the LT Governor discussed and how it should have been no surprise to those in Government. He made a strong call for procurement reform and a call for the State of California to be working with SeeClickFix. Listen to the plug for #Opendata and SeeClickFix here: