New Bedford Connect Launches!

Today, New Bedford, MA officially launches NB Connect! The city joined our community nearly a year ago by way of Commonwealth Connect, a program made possible by the Community Innovation Challenge Grant.

The City of New Bedford's launch is focusing specifically on graffiti prevention and removal through its "Graffiti Free NB" campaign. City officials are encouraging all residents to document instances of defaced property with a detailed report that includes photos (if possible). New Bedford will use EcoQuip, a machine that removes graffiti from metal, concrete, brick, wood, and marble surfaces using water, an air compressor, and fine abrasive grit to restore vandalized property. However, in certain situations, the city will simply use a tried and true technique and cover markings with a coat of paint.

New Bedford is also implementing two new graffiti related initiatives: a graffiti reward program and a program that aims to increase artistic creation. The graffiti reward program offers a city issued 500 dollar reward to individuals who can provide evidence that will help the city apprehend and convict anyone who has vandalized private and/or public property. The mural creation program hopes to combat graffiti with art through a partnership between the Office of the Mayor, 3rd Eye Unlimited, the UGLY Gallery, and NB Beautiful. The program will sponsor murals across New Bedford that will showcase the work of local artists.

Residents can report issues through the NB Connect app, the city's website, or the city's SeeClickFix homepage.

Welcome, New Bedford!

To read more about yesterday's launch event you can go here, here, or here. To see EcoQuip in action, check out this video!