SeeClickFix Stats: A Year in Review

As the year ends it seems like everyone is reflecting on the past and looking towards the future. I thought this was a good time to dig through the data collected on SeeClickFix over the past few years. Using Insight, my favorite new tool built by our dev team, I created a few charts below that track our progress and the growth of the Gov 2.0, a term keyed by one of our investors Tim O'Reilly, way back in the mid 2000s. The following charts show, in my view, the key metrics when tracking how local government is using SeeClickFix to connect with citizens.

Below is the first data set that really caught my eye, 6 years worth of comments compiled in a simple line graph. Its humbling to take a look back and think that SeeClickFix started with just a handful of posts in 2007. The first comment I found on our servers (issue #1) was a simple thanks from Ben our CEO to the New Haven DPW.
Number of Comments Over Time
The second data set I want to call out is the number of issues "closed" by cities. Over half a million civic requests have been resolved and communicated to citizens across the country and around the world. A number that highlights the passion local officials have to provide essential services to their citizens. This is one aspect of my job that gives me incredible confidence in our local government. In the past it has been difficult to give credit where it is due because the overall stats were just not available to the average person. SeeClickFix helps highlight the complex business of running a city, adding a foundational level of transparency to the process.
Number of Closed Requests Over Time
The last data set I want to highlight is the number of "Votes" over time. This simple feature reflects the essence of citizen engagement in my mind. A citizen can vote for a service request that someone else has reported. This action not only lends an additional voice to advocate for a fix but also makes it easy for the city to communicate to many citizens at one time, creating a microcosm for communication closely resembling the traditional town hall meeting.
Number of Votes Over Time

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in the space where local government overlaps with social technology. SeeClickFix has played and continues to play a key role at this intersection. I am confident that I speak for everyone on our team when I say we are excited to see what 2014 has in store.


"But as with Web 2.0, the real secret of success in Government 2.0 is thinking about government as a platform. If there's one thing we learn from the technology industry, it's that every big winner has been a platform company: someone whose success has enabled others, who've built on their work and multiplied its impact."

-Tim O'Reilly
Founder O'Reilly Media