SeeClickFix Launches New Android App on Wave of Citizen and Local Government Move to Mobile

New Haven, Conn., January 15th, 2014 - Today, SeeClickFix released a native app for Android that allows citizens to report neighborhood issues--such as potholes, graffiti and burned-out streetlights--and engage with their neighbors and the government officials responsible for fixing/addressing these issues.

"The Android extension has become a top priority over the past six months due to consumer and government behavior on the platform," said Ben Berkowitz, CEO, SeeClickFix. "We've seen from our users that local government employees are more likely to be carrying a government issued smartphone or tablet, with many on the Android OS. We saw issues created by government officials increase by 600 percent in 2013, indicating that smartphone reporting apps are becoming a popular medium for increasing municipal productivity and citizen engagement."

Android App Eases User ExperienceThe new SeeClickFix Android app is designed to make it easy to report, comment, track and share issues in your neighborhood ' bringing the performance, speed and aesthetic of top-performing consumer apps to the government engagement platform. Among the core features of the application:

  • Users have access to an infinite scrolling list of issues documented in their community'complete with photos, location and the ability to comment and support existing issues. Government users can acknowledge and close out issues that they have worked on from the field.
  • When documenting a new issue a user's location is determined by GPS and they are walked through an intuitive issue reporting form determined by the responding agency in their community. Photos and videos can be added from the camera or gallery to illuminate the issue.
  • Once an issue has been submitted, it is routed based on request type and keywords to the appropriate agency. Responses from the agency and others are then documented on the issue and pushed back to the user.

SeeClickFix serves as an unofficial channel for citizens and governments to communicate in more than 10,000 communities around the world. In the past few years the platform has also become the official service request platform for local governments serving over 25 million individuals. Official city partners include Washington DC; Houston, Texas; San Francisco, CA; Oakland, CA; Sacramento County and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The new Android application is available for download here.