About SeeClickFix and this Blog

At SeeClickFix we are trying a new approach to help inform potential partners during the procurement process. The concept of this page is short and simple, to explore topics relevant to municipalities from procurement of cloud-based software to the effectiveness of connecting with citizens using tools like mobile apps and social media.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of reimagining government software. A key reason for our continued success is the unique way that we approach building our platform. Maintaining a close relationship with our partner cities is paramount. This commitment to customer service ensures the constant flow of new and innovative ideas and feature requests that we receive from a wide range of cities. Through careful curation and a consistent focus on scalability and universal application, our tools are constantly expanding to the benefit of our end users.

As this blog grows, we promise to keep you updated with the most recent and relevant information related to your procurement process. Subscribe or check back occasionally to stay up-to-date on the latest from SeeClickFix!

Below is a quick snapshot of SeeClickFix:

  • Years in Business: 6
  • Hometown: New Haven, CT (pop. 130,000)
  • Number of Municipal Clients: 176
  • Languages Supported: 14
  • Largest City:Houston, TX (pop. 2,145,100)
  • Smallest City:Chilmark, MA (pop. 843)
  • State With Most Partner Cities: Massachusetts (57)
  • Average Non-integration Implementation time: 6 weeks
  • Average Integration Implementation Time: 14 weeks
  • City Initiated Service Requests in 2013: 37,000
  • Comments in 2013: 1,249,568
  • "Thank You" messages received by Government Partners in 2013: 7,512
  • Closed Issues in 2013: 519,666
  • Citizens Represented through SeeClickFix: 27,056,635
  • Recent Award: 2013 Financial Times/Citi Urban Ingenuity Award: North America