Why We Exist

The graffiti related frustrations that sparked the founding of SeeClickFix have been well documented. Our CEO, Ben Berkowitz, has told the story at least a thousand times. He encountered difficulties when he tried to report graffiti to his local municipality and felt compelled to take action. Ben and the co-founders created SeeClickFix to help address the friction points that arise in the realm of non-emergency complaints.

Here is a small sample of articles that include more details about SeeClickFix's beginnings:

Graffiti on Stop Sign
An Everyday Urban Frustration: Issue #946126

Just last month, SeeClickFix processed 8,573 graffiti requests. The majority of them are handled in the manner of Issue # 946126. The reports are dispatched and the problems are fixed. Let's celebrate those who are keeping the trains running on time.

Thank you to the City of Albuquerque for fixing that issue and to the hundreds of other SeeClickFix partners who are responding every day.