Paper vs. Digital Work Orders

As cities upgrade to web service and mobile technology there is sometimes an awkward transition away from the paper system. While parts of city workflow move to the cloud, others may remain paper-based for the near future. To bridge the gap, SeeClickFix allows quick access to printable work orders'simply check a box, click a button, and a printable pdf is generated.


All information captured in the SeeClickFix report is instantly exported as a printable PDF. There is space for field notes, it includes all comments and notes and even displays the image and position on the map.


In true SeeClickFix fashion we couldn't stop there. This year we introduced two features that help cities to cut the use of paper all together.

First, we have added full field functionality to the SeeClickFix mobile apps, so that municipal officials can interact with service requests right from their mobile devices. Now municipal officials can acknowledge, comment on, and close a ticket from the field (image on right below) which is simple enough. You can even attach a photo of the resolved issue using your phone's camera.

Second, based on popular demand, we added internal only service requests to SeeClickFix mobile and web apps (below). These allow specific service requests types to be visible only to municipal employees'broadening the functionality of the mobile app and empowering the workflow of our partners.


The final tool we wanted to highlight that will help as you move from paper to digital is the SeeClickFix Field App. Field Apps are used primarily for quick location based field reporting that link directly back to the SeeClickFix CRM. Since its launch late last year, Field Apps have been used for everything from fire hydrant inspections to waste management. They are web-based and completely customizable. We can't wait to see how you will use them next!


It has been exciting to see how workflow improves as our partners adopts these tools. Our goal at SeeClickFix is to make it as easy and painless as possible for our municipal partners to move from the paper system to the cloud at their own pace.