311: There's an App for that!


The City of Minneapolis approached SeeClickFix in early 2012.Don Stickney, the Director of Minneapolis 311, wanted to achieve two things.

  1. Increase the brand recognition ofMinneapolis 311
  2. Replace inbound phone calls with a self-serve alternative

SeeClickFix and Don decided that the best way to accomplish these goals was to launch aMinneapolis 311 mobile application'allowing residents to easily and accurately report service requests right from their phone. It was imperative that the new application integrate with the 311 center's existing CRM, so SeeClickFix and Don carefully designed the system to acquire the right information, in the right location. Thereby, when a resident submits a service request from his or her phone, the request is automatically routed into existing work management systems'allowing for seamless workflow.

The result, is a significant decrease in cost, as there isa steady transition from expensive calls to the automated and self-serve mobile option. Perhaps more importantly'resident service quality has increased substantially as well.

Governing.com recently published a great article cover the cost of maintaining a 311 call center. The article highlight's Don'sMinneapolis 311. Below is an excerpt, read the full articlehere.

"311 has had an online presence on the Web for many years, but the rise of smartphones and Twitter, for example, has given cities a new way to engage with citizens. Some cities are already seeing a clear shift away from phone calls to mobile requests. Minneapolis has experienced a 25 percent increase in the number of people using smartphones to connect with the city's website, according to 311 Director Don Stickney. The growing popularity of the city's mobile app has led to a decrease in 311 phone calls."

Here is a breakdown of Minneapolis311 service requests via digital media. As you can see, iPhone and Android entries have far surpassed those of the website. The ease and accuracy of mobile 311 solutions is undeniable.


SeeClickFix has worked with hundreds of municipalities, from 2,000 in population to 2 Million, to develop mobile solutions for citizens services.


Every partnership is different'but in each case, the value to citizens, and officials is clear. Executed correctly, mobile apps have the ability to improve service and lower cost. To learn more about SeeClickFix and mobile apps in general, click the button below to contact us.