Watch a Public Space Evolve in Realtime with SeeClickFix


I wanted to repost a great story written by our CEO, Ben Berkowitz. You can find the original here.

Since 2009, an unnerving pedestrian crossing in New Haven has become the standard example of how residents and governments can expand the intended use of SeeClickFix in positive ways.

Hundreds of residents have expressed their concerns about this location, in the comment threads of three different reports.

"I've been risking life and limb for years crossing Whitney Ave at Audubon Street. I need to get across there to an office, so going all the way to the end of the block to a crosswalk isn't viable. In fact I've seen MANY New Haven cops cross here, not to mention families going to CAW, ACES, and NMS. This intersection needs a crosswalk at minimum, an extra stoplight would help, and most of all, NO MORE DOUBLE PARKING on Whitney Ave."


You can view the reports here, here, and here.

While many residents simply voiced their concerns, others shared historical photos of the space, suggested ideas for the future of the space, and documented pedestrian accidents as they occurred.


Last year, the city officials notified residents on SeeClickFix that they would be taking action to calm traffic at this location with a raised crossing, bump-outs to eliminate parking, and the addition of outdoor seating. Today, the city announced that it would use SeeClickFix to post updates to the project, including traffic closures and other construction updates that might effect residents' schedules.

It has been wonderful to see the evolution of this public project. The City of New Haven continues to be a beacon for open public space planning and serves as an excellent example of a government that uses the public web to inform and listen.

You can follow along for updates on the project here.