Snowcrew Gets Ready for Showtime in the North East!


The Yetis are armed with shovels for a blizzard in the North East!

This morning, volunteer snow shovelers (AKA "Yetis") who have signed up forSnowcrew.orgwere pinged by Snowcrew's notification system powered by the National Weather Service API. They received an email announcing them that a serious snow storm is coming to the North East.

Since then, Yetis have been busy on the Internet recruiting their friends, family members, and community members to their crew to help out their neighbors in mass. And this isn't new terrain for them ' just last winter launched and helped connect hundreds of shovelers with elderly, disabled and injured in need of neighborly assistance.

Snowcrew sits on top of the SeeClickFix platform. While SeeClickFix is plugged into many government agencies, Snowcrew specifically promotes the ability for neighbors to take action together alongside their governments during a storm.

Sign up for Snowcrew.orghere.