Macon-Bibb adds Traffic Engineering requests to SeeClickFix


We have some exciting news!

Our current partner, Macon-Bibb County, as part of its tremendous effort to better engage the public in improving neighborhoods, isagain expanding the use of SeeClickFix. Now citizens can report directly to Traffic Engineering with issues and requests such as: a study for the installation of a crosswalk; signs indicating the presence of deaf and blind children; timing of traffic signals; hidden driveway signs; and stop signs, speed signs, and traffic signal studies.

Things have clearly been going strong in Macon-Bibb County! In December, 940 requests were opened using SeeClickFix, and of the ones that were resolved in the month,84% were within 10 days. In addition, SeeClickFix provides the County with a needed tool to identify areas of improvement or issues which need to be addressed. For example, a high-priority issue for the Macon-Bibb County citizens is the identification and removal of blight. Code Enforcement requests were then added, and64 requestswere submitted in November and December. SeeClickFix requests also have helped quantify the need for trash cans in Macon-Bibb. Based on that information, the Solid Waste Department purchasedmore than 1,300 trash cans and began delivering them February 6 and 7.

Here are a few quotes from folks of Macon-Bibb County about SeeClickFix:

"SeeClickFix has been a great way to connect people with other Macon-Bibb departments, so we wanted to provide the same service with our Traffic Engineering Division. I want to thank SeeClickFix for helping us make the connection."
- Traffic Engineer Nigel Floyd

"We want to continue adding services to SeeClickFix so people can more easily interact with us and correct the issues they see in their neighborhoods. People really can really help identify where the signs are needed, the locations of hidden driveways that create a safety issue, and how the timing of lights affect people walking in there."
-Macon-Bibb County Mayor Robert Reichert

"Working through SeeClickFix has allowed us to make sure requests are sent to the appropriate department and how well we are responding."
-Assistant to the County Manager for Public Affairs Chris Floore

Requests can be made and issues reported viaMacon-Bibb County's websiteand/or their mobile application.