Happy Open 311 Day! SeeClickFix has a present for you.


This month marks the 5 year anniversary of the White House endorsement of the Open311 Standard created and nurtured by Connected Bits, SeeClickFix, Open Plans, Code For America, the City of Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC and many others.

3/11 seems like a great day to celebrate the standardization of transparent service communication with city halls over the world. In that spirit we would like to give the gift of free Open311 endpoints to any city that wants one from now until...forever.

We could wax romantically about all of the benefits of an open standard for transparency, accountability and engagement but just sign-up for SeeClickFix and report one of those nasty spring potholes or shovel out a neighbor -- then you'll get it.

Contact ben@seeclickfix.com if you want an open311 endpoint for your City.