St. Petersburg, FL goes launches with our Sungard integration!

We have exciting news!

St. Petersburg, FL has been an existing partner for awhile now. The city utilized the SeeClickFix platform with citizens for a portion of their request categories. Now, with their NaviLine with Sungard Public Sector integration complete, St. Petersburg is excited to extend the tool for citizens to report even more types of categories of issues.

The city averages 361 days of sunshine each year, holding the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive days of gorgeous sunshine at 768 days. "The Sunshine City" is a popular place for folks of all ages because of its incredible weather and low cost of living. Even when you're not outside, there is an endless amount of things to do, from exploring its vibrant arts scene to visiting its numerous museums.

St. Petersburg's mobile app allows citizens, residents and visitors to report problems such as potholes, graffiti, drainage and flooding quickly and easily via web tools and mobile apps. These reports are then forwarded directly to departments throughout the city with all the information needed to get the job done.

Furthermore, the platform offers a centralized and integrated management system, whereby city officials can communicate with citizens, track issues and monitor success. This unified and citizen-connected platform increases both the quality and efficiency of service throughout St. Petersburg.

Their mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to

We look forward to working with the city and citizens to promote openness, engagement, and accessibility! To learn more about SeeClickFix, head to