SeeClickFix Wins Spotlight Award for Riding GREEN!

Last week was CTRides Week -- a week celebrated in Connecticut to promote folks commuting to work using GREEN transportation.

Here at SeeClickFix, we are thrilled to be able to say that many of team commutes to work using one of CTRides' GREEN forms of transportation (i.e. bike, bus, carpool, foot, etc.). We're lucky to have our central location of downtown New Haven -- which is working hard to consistently improve the conditions for commuters heading to work.

Because of our efforts last week, we're honored to receive the CTRides Week Spotlight Award for cheerleading #CTridesWeek both online and at their public events.

Thank you to CTRides for the tremendous work that you do to promote GREEN transportation! And, as always, thank you to our dedicated partners who always remind us to try to become better citizens of where we live and work.


Want to learn more about CTRides? Head over to their website here. Have an interesting commuting story that you'd like to tell? Follow us at @SeeClickFix to share!