City of Manchester, NH integrates SeeClickFix into Maximo!

We are excited to announce that SeeClickFix, in partnership with the City of Manchester, NH, has officially and successfully integrated into their asset management system Maximo.

Manchester's over 110,000 residents enjoy an excellent quality-of-life and numerous city services. This high standard of living has Manchester frequently nationally ranked among the most affordable and livable places in America. For example, in 2009, rated Manchester 13th in a list of 100 of the best cities to live and launch a business in the United States. In addition, according to the Equality of Opportunity Project, released in 2013, Manchester ranked as the seventh best metropolitan area in terms of upward income mobility in the United States. The city sought to continue to improve their services to citizens by launching "Manchester, NH Connect" -- their new mobile app powered by SeeClickFix -- available for download for Android and iPhone.

The city uses Maximo as their asset management system for their Public Works Department. As Manchester publically launched with SeeClickFix, SeeClickFix teamed up with Control Technology Solutions (CTS) -- an integrator that works with Manchester's Maximo system -- to complete the full integration.

CTS created a robust API from the ground-up for Manchester's Maximo system, as SeeClickFix worked closely with them on the technical legwork. The City of Manchester was also involved, contributing with testing and pitching ideas. Now, as the integration has successfully completed, Manchester can use SeeClickfix as their front-end-facing tool for their Public Works Department, and service requests can now be passed into Maximo, their asset management system.

This is SeeClickFix's first integration with a municipality that uses Maximo. SeeClickFix also has the capability of integrating into numerous other systems, including CityWorks, Lucity, Accela, Kana, Sungard, to name a few. We've even integrated into municipalities' home-grown systems as well.

In particular, we're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Control Technology Solutions and the City of Manchester, NH on this integration. The API created by CTS will be offered to any municipality currently utilizing Maximo. To learn more about the City of Manchester, NH, check out their website. To learn more about Control Technology Solutions, head over to their website. To learn more about SeeClickFix, explore the rest of our website at


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