Wake Forest, NC – Extending your Solutions with SeeClickFix

Does your municipality have an app that you are really proud of? You've worked hard to drive downloads and adoption. And yet, you still want to enhance citizen communications and modernize your request management and internal workflow.

In June 2014, we were proud to partner with Wake Forest, NC to do exactly this. The Town had an app called "Town of Wake Forest". The screenshots below show how the team in Wake Forest added our mobile web service as a button on their app.

Users can still:

  • View existing requests

  • Report new issues

  • Include a photo

SeeClickFix is best known for its citizen reporting tools. However, the SeeClickFix platform is much more comprehensive than just mobile apps and website widgets. Over the past 3 years, we have built SeeClickFix into a begin-to-end request management platform ' enabling our partners to structure, manage, assign and route work throughout the organization.

If the Wake Forest solution sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us.