#FixFriday: what's your favorite SeeClickFix "Fix"?

For our municipal partners, a fix is when a problem in a town is solved.

But most of the time, it's a whole lot more than that.

A fix can be an empowering moment for a citizen.

A fix can be a way for a city hall to say "We're listening".

A fix can make a neighborhood a more beautiful and safe place to live.

A fix can be a moment of openness and collaboration between citizen and government -- the main ingredients to trust.

SeeClickFix certainly brings light to issues in a town; but, in the end, it's real purpose is to help fix those issues.

Here's a fix for you:

With SeeClickFix, even the most dedicated citizen can still be delightedly surprised by her local government.

Aly Heimer is a lifelong New Haven resident and a frequent user of SeeClickFix. She was walking around downtown on her lunch break and noticed a pothole on the side of the street. It had clearly been there for a while, filing with wrappers and cigarette butts blown into it by the wind.

Not only was it dangerously close to the bike lane, but it looked pretty bad too.

Aly took out her phone and reported the pothole on SeeClickFix. She figured that it might take a while for the city to fix it; after all, she knew they were dealing with many potholes in the rest of the city.

She reported the pothole at around 12:30pm. To her surprise, at around mid-afternoon that same day, she received a notification that the New Haven Department of Public Works had commented "We received your issue and will address it as soon as we can. Thanks for reporting."

The next morning at work, Aly heard a soft thumping sound outside the office window. At 10am, the New Haven Public Works crew was outside pounding the cold pack into the asphalt fixing the very same pothole Aly had reported less than 24 hours earlier.

She waved down to the crew and they waved back.


This "fix" experience for Aly impacted her in a few different ways.

"Not only was it amazing to have such a fast turnaround time," said Aly about the fix, "But it also made me feel like I was responded to and listened to."

In particular, this experience was formative for the way Aly will approach the issues she reports on SeeClickFix from now on. "This experience makes me take SeeClickFix more seriously," she said, "I used to tend to report minor issues that were only annoying to me as opposed to reporting issues that actually need to be fixed."

"Because my government took me seriously, it's makes me take their effort and their time more seriously."


When local governments take their citizens seriously, their citizens take them seriously. SeeClickFix can be a channel where these small (or large) moments of respect and exchange can easily and publically take place.

Now it's your turn: what's your favorite SeeClickFix "Fix"? Let us know by tweeting #FixFriday at @SeeClickFix.