4 Steps to Prepping for Next Winter's Storms

Winter weather is a challenge for many communities. SeeClickFix is working with Public Works, Utility Companies, and Transportation Departments across the country to help them manage responses after snowstorms and make planning for future storms easier.

1. Pre-storm planning.

SeeClickFix provides partners with tools to examine past data so you can put resources where they need to be ahead of time.

2. Real-time reporting.

SeeClickFix is best known for giving citizens the tools to report issues as they are happening. Exact location, specific descriptions, and digital media make it easy for government workers to triage concerns, respond to the public, and see problematic hot spots. Damage assessment and restoration can be truncated during emergencies, but SeeClickFix ensures you will have timestamped records with a photos or video of every issue reported during that storm. As an added plus, when citizens have SeeClickFix at their fingertips, they are less likely to tie up phone lines during an emergency situation.

3. Organizing Volunteers.

Towns are often overwhelmed responding to the biggest problems - that's why SeeClickFix promotes neighborly aide through "Snowcrew". Snowcrew is part of the SeeClickFix platform where elderly or disabled residents can report that they need help shovelling out, and then directs volunteers to help do the digging. These volunteers, or "Yetis", often band together for the day when school and work have been canceled to help others in the community. Such crews have been featured in the news in Boston, MA, New Haven, CT and Washington D.C. among other places.

4. Post-storm analytics.

Post storm analytic tools show departments what went well and where improvements can be made. SeeClickFix can track completion time by issue type for a specified time period. With issue close out questions, departments can know what supplies were used and how long each job took. Want to reward above and beyond service during a difficult time? SeeClickFix's backend data management tools can show you who your superstar crew members were during the emergency.

When it comes to Winter, SeeClickFix has you covered. If you have a SeeClickFix winter weather story, let us know!