Using SeeClickFix to Address Unique Problems

Most people think of SeeClickFix as "the pothole app", but we're working with towns, cities, and counties across the country to make sure their unique needs are addressed.

Here are five examples from across the country of how our dynamic platform is being customized to fit departments other than Public Works.

Burlington, VT - Public Health

After launching SeeClickFix in 2012, one of the most unfortunate issues reported by Burlington residents was discarded syringes in public areas. City officials and public health workers teamed up to address drug-related issues by creating a request type that redirected to the Public Health Department. This helped clean up the dangerous waste, but it also gave Tom Dalton, Director of the Safe Recovery Support and Education Program an idea.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.30.24 AM.png

SeeClickFix gives municipalities access to all kinds of data analysis tools including heat mapping of issues to find hot spots. The Public Health Department was able to use this tool to figure out where public drop boxes for dirty needles should be placed around town.

Atlantic County Utility Authority, NJ - Public Utilities

The Atlantic County Utility Authority (ACUA) handles wastewater, garbage and recycling, and green initiatives in southern New Jersey. Residents and businesses can use the SeeClickFix widget on their website to request new trash bins, report issues or ask questions.

They care about the community and use SeeClickFix to inform residents and share information about events, like their Earth Day Festival.

They even put together a video showing residents how to use SeeClickFix and what kinds of requests can be made.

Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, FL - Education Safety

Parents are often torn between making sure their children are safe and giving them some freedom. In Miami-Dade County the Safe Routes program (managed by Urban Health Partnerships) helps parents, teachers, and members of the public report issues along designated biking and walking paths to school and on school property. It also includes more standard options (like potholes) for bus routes. This has helped fix sidewalks, streetlights, and crosswalks, and reduce speeding.

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The program has been such a success that it's expanding to Broward County, FL. We're proud to help keep kids safe on their way to school no matter how they get there.

Corona et al., CA - Water Conservation

California has been hit by a major drought for a while now. Corona, American Canyon and other cities in California are saving resources by adding water wasting reporting features into their SeeClickFix platform.

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During difficult times it is important for neighbors to work together to prioritize water usage. SeeClickFix provides a platform to monitor water usage citywide and deter folks who might want to flout usage rules. It also helps citizens call out the city to fix leaky fire hydrants, sprinklers, and other water misuse on city property.

More information on what these towns are doing can be found here. Let us know if you want to add this tool to your toolbox - we're doing everything we can to help drought-affected towns and counties.

College Station, TX - Code Enforcement

We help many towns with Code Enforcement issues from blighted properties to trash dumping. In College Station, they have specific code enforcement areas so that each employee within the department is directly assigned only the issues that he or she handles.

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SeeClickFix lets residents keep reports anonymous for sensitive topics, and we work with large housing management companies so they can stay informed of issues reported on their property .