#FixFriday: Find your pets!

Exploring old SeeClickFix posts the other day, we found this oldie but a goodie documenting how SeeClickFix has been used over the years to reunite pets with their loving owners. Kevin, the blog post writer, compares these moments of reconnection with tear-jerking scenes from Homeward Bound.

After reading this post, I wanted to update y'all on a few other delightful and heartwarming pet stories we see on SeeClickFix regularly. But, first, to get you warmed up, a scene from our childhood classic:

(I wrote this post this morning and, literally in spite of myself, choked up as Shadow emerged from up that leaf-strewn hill to a swelling Bruce Broughton score. YIKES. No need for coffee.)

As Kevin, the other blog post writer, said: "Two of the most significant aspirations of the Gov 2.0 movement are individual empowerment and connecting people with what they value." Oof -- preach Kevin. Here are a few pet pals who have been reunited with their adoring owners or received help after folks posted about them on SeeClickFix:

Fran (who doesn't answer to Fran)

Poor pup


Cat out of the bag (& into the tree!)


Lastly, here's a case that has yet to be solved. Princeton, NJ SeeClickFix users -- let's find Delaney!

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