How to Put a SeeClickFix Tab on Your Facebook

Almost everyone is on Facebook. That's why we've now made it easy to allow citizens to report issues not only from the mobile and website widgets, but also our SeeClickFix Facebook Tab. The SeeClickFix Facebook Tab can easily be added to your Facebook page is a few simple steps:

1. Visit this page.

2. Select which page.

Press "Facebook Pages" and select which pages you'd like to add SeeClickFix to.

3. Now it's our turn.

Once you've completed the process, there will be a "contact us" hyperlink that you need to click to send an email notifying us. That will send us theunique tab ID we'll need to finish the configuration.

4. Make it your own.

Once we finish the configuration and your FB tab is live, if you want to change the title of the Facebook app from "SeeClickFix" to "___________," go to your FB page and click on the "More" tab then select "Manage Tabs". Select "Add or Remove Tabs," which brings you to a new page that lists all of your apps. Find the SCF app and "Edit Settings". A pop up will come up that enables you to change the name and icon.

Did you follow these steps and put a cool SeeClickFix widget on your site? Let us know & show it off! Tweet a link to @SeeClickFix or email me at