How to Put a SeeClickFix Widget on Your Website

Most of our partner municipalities like to put our widget on their government websites. We've also made this widget available to easily and simply embed for free. Whether you are a neighborhood association, news site, or blogger, you can embed a customized SeeClickFix widget for citizens to report issues directly from your site (see some neat examples below the how-to).

Here's how you do it. It's easy.

Head to the Widget Generator link and follow these three simple (and fun!) steps.

1. Make it look good.

Select your widget type and color. For "Primary Tab", select whether you'd like the list of most recent issues to be displayed ("Issue List") or the SeeClickFix report an issue form ("Report Form"). If you'd like only the issue map to be displayed, check the "Hide Issue List" box.

For "Issues to Display", "Open" issues are those reported issues that have yet to be acknowledged by city staff. "Acknowledged" issues have been formally noted and addressed by city staff but yet to be fixed. "Closed" issues are issued that have been officially fixed. Check the boxes next to the types of issues you'd like displayed.

Once complete, press "Next".

2. Make it show what you want.

Next to "Change Location" above the map image, type your city. Under "Boundaries" select the geographic boundary that you'd like issues to be displayed. For example, if you're a neighborhood association for your city's Downtown, you can select the Downtown geographic boundary.

By pressing on "All" under "Categories" you can select which issue request type you'd like to be shown. For example, perhaps you're a biking community group that only wants the "Pothole" request type to be shown.

After adjusting the size ("Width" and "Height") of the map, you may select the "Time Range" of the issues addressed on your widget.

Once complete, press "Next". Almost done!

3. Give it a name.

Lastly, give your widget a title and contact. Input your email and domain -- and voila! You've got your own, customized, website widget to buff up your site and allow citizens to report issues.

Here are some cool examples!

Planet Princeton News site
City Atlas - New Haven site

Did you follow these steps and put a cool SeeClickFix widget on your site? Let us know & show it off! Tweet a link to @SeeClickFix or email me at