Huffington Post: "How Albuquerque's Civic IT Innovation Is Catalyzing Change"


In this recent Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) piece, "How Albuquerque's Civic IT Innovation Is Catalyzing Change", Lisa Abeyta (@LisaAbeyta) documents how Albuquerque (@cabq) transitioned from old, inefficient systems to updated, citizen-driven processes by utilizing civic technology.

SeeClickFix has been proud to partner with Albuquerque as part of Mayor Richard Berry's (@Mayor_Berry) vision for the future of the city.

As Abeyta notes:

"The city worked with several early civic tech startups as they explored new avenues of innovation, including SeeClickFix, who collaborated with the city to deliver 311 services to citizens via a mobile app."

She quotes Peter Ambs, the City of Albuquerque's CIO, regarding ABQ311:

"The ABQ311 app is another example of how we have digitally connected citizens to City services. Early on, Mayor Berry told me he wanted an app where he could take a picture of a situation that needed a City service - like a pot hole or graffiti - and have that ticket entered and assigned to the City Department responsible for remediation. We now have that app and many more that provide information and access to City services and amenities."

We're thrilled by the success of Albuquerque, and honored to have the opportunity to contribute. And, we still remember what Mayor Berry said when Albuquerque first launched with SeeClickFix:

"This is about creating innovative approaches to everyday issues. Not only does this improve efficiencies within the City, but it provides a platform for addressing community issues with cost-effective technology. Through this new service, Albuquerque continues to show its progress as a technological and innovative leader in the Southwest and the nation."

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