Small Towns Using Big Tools to Leapfrog Traditional 311

When we talk to towns, we often hear: "We're too small for a 311 system."

After partnering with 55+ towns below 15,000 in population size (including ones below 1,000 citizens!), we hear from them how small towns across the United States have greatly benefitted from a 311 system. Whether they are interested in engaging further with their citizens, improving citizen services and communication, or enhancing efficiency among their staff -- more and more small towns are connecting with us to see how we can work together.

We're proud to provide our small town partners with solutions that fit their limited resources and budget. Even our smallest partners has seen the tremendous value of providing mobile and web options to residents in a world where 90% of adults in the U.S. use a cell phone.

For example, this is the Village of North Fond du Lac, WI's (population: 5,042) website featuring SeeClickFix's dynamic, reporting website widget.

Also, here's Springerville, AZ's mobile app with the town's branding featured (population: 1,961). Springerville citizens can easily and simply provide town staff with important information about town issues with pictures, videos, exact location, and more.

Our goal to make sure that our small partners can do a lot with very little. Check out this short list of some tiny town partners that we've loved working with!

  • Thorp, WI (pop. 1,635)

  • Springerville, AZ (pop. 1,961)

  • Belleair, FL (pop. 3,933)

  • Mosinee, WI (pop. 3,988)

  • Narberth Borough, PA (pop. 4,290)

  • Forest Hills, TN (pop. 4,812)

  • Whiting, IN (pop. 4,900)

  • Winona Lake, IN (pop. 4,938)

  • Village of North Fond du Lac, WI (pop. 5,000)

  • County of Newell, AB, CA (pop.6,786)

  • Big Rapids MI (pop.10,601)

  • Wrentham, MA (pop. 10,955)

  • Grand Terrace, CA (pop. 12,040)

  • City of Brooks, AB, CA (pop. 13,676)

  • Jacksonville, TX (pop.14,544)
We believe that all residents deserve powerful tools that enhance the relationship small town officials have with their citizens already. That's why we are committed to partnering with mini municipalities across the county to innovate their workflow and communication, while preserving their small town feel. We are also committed to giving all partners the tools they need to succeed with SeeClickFix -- great customer service, tech support and training for staff, and help with marketing for launch. It's just us being neighborly.