Go SeeClickFix Go!


Throughout the month of September, SeeClickFix will be participating in New Haven's goNHVgo competition!

GoNewHavenGo is a collective effort of the New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking, CTrides, the New Haven/León Sister City Project, Yale Transportation Options, and many others to bring together organizations and individuals to use active transportation options. During the month of September, goNewHavengo is hosting a contest for businesses and individuals to see who can use their cars the least and travel sustainably the most.

SeeClickFix is thrilled to help promote alternative transit use this month, with the hope that we help to create a more sustainable, healthy, and active city with lower public health costs.

NHS of New Haven

In addition to the overall competition, our SeeClickFix employees will be "battling" head-to-head with the employees of Neighborhood Housing Services, a local non-profit whose mission is to revitalize selected neighborhoods in New Haven (they are amazing, amiright?).

If SeeClickFix gets more points during goNHVgo*, we get to go take one of NHS's incredible class in their Homeownership Center. Check out these awesome examples!

If NHS gets more points during goNHVgo*, SeeClickFix will teach a class to new homeowners, community groups, and block watch leaders about how to use SeeClickFix and leverage it in their community.

*Regardless of which team gets the most points for goNHVgo month, we'll be exchanging these prizes anyway. The real prize is working together to help make our city an awesome, healthy place to live (plus, bragging rights!).