SeeClickFix Intern Story: New Android App Features

The SeeClickFix Engineering team had an awesome intern this summer, Izabella Melendez Conigliaro. Izabella is a Computer Engineering student from Brazil who was part of a one year exchange program in Fairfield University, CT, sponsored by Science Without Borders, a Brazilian federal governmental program. Once in Connecticut, Izabella joined the A100, an apprenticeship program for aspiring software developers, and, through the program, she was connected with a summer internship with SeeClickFix, a partner company.

Over the summer, Izabella primarily worked on our Android App. Initially, she developed some acceptance tests with Espresso and UIAutomator. These tests facilitate the testing routine after a code change on the App. After this first stage, she was familiar enough with the code to start to fix some bugs and implement some features.

Anonymous Reporting

"The first feature that I developed was the anonymous report. This option was present in every SCF´s platform, but wasn't available on the Android App, so it was an important feature to be added in order to keep the consistency across the company´s products. Basically, this feature gives the citizen the option to report anonymously, meaning that the user´s information is not publicly displayed." - Izabella

Forgot Password?

"Another feature added was the 'forgot password', also only unavailable on the Android App. I added the 'forgot' button to the login screen, so an email with the password reset link is sent when the button is clicked." - Izabella

Revoke Vote

"I also developed the revoke vote function, in which the user can undo the vote in a specific issue's report. This functionality is only available on the Android app. I improved the user's stats as well, adding a new screen for 'my followed issues', 'my closed issues', and 'my voted issues'." - Izabella

We were honored and thrilled to work with Izabella this summer, and it looks like feelings may have been mutual 🙂

"At the beginning, my tasks were very challenging because of the extensive code and the new tools that I needed to use. But, after I overcame the learning curve, it became a very pleasant work. I learned a lot about Android programming, git's techniques, Agile methods, among others, and it has been very satisfying to see my work live on the newest app´s version. I really enjoyed my summer internship and SCF was a great place to work." - Izabella