SeeClickFix challenges Everett and Malden, MA to a Fixapalooza!

SeeClickFix is challenging the residents and municipalities of Everett and Malden! "Fixapalooza" is a month-long friendly competition between the two cities that uses the SeeClickFix platform to improve the communities. During the month of October, by using a smartphone, any individual who has downloaded the app can take a photo of an issue and automatically report it to the appropriate City Department who works to resolve the problem. When the complaint is resolved, the individual originally reporting the issue is notified. This innovative tool not only helps us deliver services more efficiently, but also allows residents to participate in the process.
Through the Commonwealth Connect program, SeeClickFix has been fortunate to work closely with both Everett and Malden. In these cities, residents and staff have been working together to improve services and strengthen their communities. SeeClickFix wanted to start an initiative to celebrate the work of these partners. The goal of Fixapalooza is to highlight and acknowledge the work these cities have accomplished and to give them a new, fun opportunity to work across cities to continue to improve their services.

"The implementation of SeeClickFix has been critical to our goal of increasing resident engagement," said Mayor Christenson of Malden. "I have been pleased with how quickly reported issues get resolved."

"SeeClickFix has been an excellent platform for constituent services in our city," stated Mayor DeMaria of Everett. "Residents now have a efficient and effective method for reporting non-emergency issues and for seeing results."

During the month of October 2015, the cities will have three performance SeeClickFix metrics tracked:

  1. The number new citizen SeeClickFix sign-ups
  2. The number of new issue submissions
  3. The number of public issues fixed and closed

Each metric is connected to three goals that the cities mutually share; Promotion, to engage more citizens in the public services the city provides; Awareness- to better understand their city with improved issue data; and Response- to improve city responsiveness to issues submitted.

At the end of each week, Fixapalooza metrics updates will be released. It's important to note that these metrics were created in such a way so that true success/champion status can only result from teamwork between both the residents and the city. At the end of the month, SeeClickFix will be presenting eight prizes, one for each of the individual city winners of each metric category, one for the overall winner, one for a citizen in each city who submits the most SeeClickFix issues, and one for a stand-out city staff member in each city to be selected by the city.

Keep up-to-date onFixapalooza by following @SeeClickFix & add to the conversation with the hashtag #Fixapalooza.