How Open Data Makes Cities Better

"311 #opendata is stellar in the categories of usefulness, forecasting, problem solving, and increasing civic engagement."
-Reid Serozi, Technology Strategist at Microsoft

The City of Raleigh, NC is utilizing SeeClickFix to fix problems and create two-way communication between the city and citizens. Every SeeClickFix issue is logged with geolocation and request type information - which gives cities access toa centralized database available for analysis. The City of Raleigh has been using their SeeClickFix 311 data to make better, more informed decisionsfor their citizens.

Reid Serozi, Technology Strategist at Microsoft, is working with the City of Raleigh, SeeClickFix, and Socrata to develop a Socrata - SeeClickFix 311 data discovery web app to help cities identify patterns and trends from their 311 data. Here's a quick post he wrote delineating this exciting partnership project.

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