How Sartell, MN is Meeting Citizens Where They Are

In order to provide services to their small but diverse community, Sartell, MN has been utilizing technology to meet their citizens where they are. As a city of 15,000+, Sartell is home to a range of citizens who have a variety of ways they prefer to communicate with each other and their local government. Some use a smartphone exclusively; others don't have access to a smartphone. Some use the desktop at the local library, while some only use their computers to connect with their families on Facebook.

To meet the communications needs of their citizens, Sartell has used both SeeClickFix mobile and web tools. Not only do they provide their smartphone-savvy citizens with the SeeClickFix app to report concerns like potholes and graffiti, but they included the SeeClickFix web widget beautifully on their website for citizens who prefer desktop computers. In addition, they've added a SeeClickFix tab to their Facebook page.

By taking advantage of these SeeClickFix website widgets, Sartell both increases traffic to SeeClickFix and adds value to their other commmunication tools.