What is #civictech?

I didn't need morning tea after readingLawrence Grodeska's (@grodeska) post in Medium today called#CivicTech Primer: What is "civic tech"?.

Sure, I may be a little bias because Grodeska (can't get over how awesome his last name is) mentions SeeClickFix as one of his favorite civic technology tools. But more than hisblush-worthy words, Grodeska hits home on defining the civic technology movement andthe hope it gives him for a future of better, more inclusive, resilient neighborhoods and cities.

What struck me the most about Grodeska's piece (and was also a major take-away from the Code for America Summit) is this shift in focus and tonein the civic technology space from a focus on "high-tech" to a focus "high-touch". How can we be sure that the technology we're building is facilitatingbuilding real, tangible, and often face-to-face relationships in the communities we live in? As Grodeska puts it: "In civic tech, technology is always the means to an end, not the end itself." and "Thecivic tech movement is putting people at the center of software development so that software doesn't eat us, too."

Here's the link again for the full piece. And be sure to follow Grodeska (yes, I've said his last name too much in this post - but it's THAT awesome) @grodeska.