#Fixapalooza Week 1: Results

During the month of October 2015, SeeClickFix has challenged the residents and municipalities of Everett and Malden to a "Fixapalooza"! Fixapalooza is a month-long friendly competition between the two cities that uses the SeeClickFix platform to improve the communities.

The cities will have three performance SeeClickFix metrics tracked:

-The number new citizen SeeClickFix sign-ups
-The number of new issue submissions
-The number of public issues fixed and closed

Here were the cities' baseline stats:

# SeeClickFix sign-ups: 433
# New issue submissions: 69
# Public issues fixed & closed: 37

# SeeClickFix sign-ups: 1674
# New issue submissions: 219
# Public issues fixed & closed: 206

And (*drum roll*) here are the results from Week 1:

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 6
# NEW issue submissions: 15
# NEW public issues fixed & closed: 2

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 12
# NEW issue submissions: 69
# NEW Public issues fixed & closed: 42

Looks like Malden has an edge on Everett for now -- but the month is still young!