Memphis is Leading Tennessee In a Citizen Services Movement

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For citizens and government agencies alike, there are many reasons to be watching Memphis, TN. Memphis has a growing population of 646,889+ citizens who are active in the vibrant arts and culture scene in the city. A few steps in downtown Memphis is an explosion of local eateries, rock n' roll jam sessions, and museums highlighting the fascinating history of both the surrounding area and the South.

With such a talented and energetic community of citizens, Memphis wants to match this energy with equivalently engaging public services. Today, Memphis is announcing the launch of their new citizen reporting tool, Memphis 311, with the goal of simplifying city services to touch all communities throughout the city.

The platform is simple but effective: Memphis is providing a mobile app and web tools for citizens to report non-emergency issues (such as potholes and graffiti), as well as utilizing backend tools to manage and address the issues efficiently. In particular, this platform allows Memphis citizens to play an integral role in public services -- by providing channels for citizens to deliver valuable information about the issues in their communities that they care about the most.

With the launch of this tool, Memphis is joining a movement of cities and counties around the world who are dedicated to meeting citizens' evolving needs. Included in this wave are cities like Oakland, Detroit, and Richmond -- cities that are in a state of perpetual improvement and are adjusting to the needs of an evolving citizen body and new economies.

The Memphis 311 mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to

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