#Fixapalooza Week 4: Final Results!

During the month of October 2015, SeeClickFix challenged the residents and municipalities of Everett and Malden to a "Fixapalooza"! Fixapalooza was a month-long friendly competition between the two cities that uses the SeeClickFix platform to improve their communities. October is over and the final results are in!

The cities hadthree performance SeeClickFix metrics tracked:

-The number new citizen SeeClickFix sign-ups
-The number of new issue submissions
-The number of public issues fixed and closed

Both cities did tremendously well during #Fixapalooza -- collectively closing 192 issues, collecting 77 SeeClickFix sign-ups, and garnering280 new issues submissions during the month of October. Everett was particularly successful at new SeeClickFix sign-ups, increasing their sign-ups by over 5%. Malden excelled at both new issue submissions and closing issues, increasing issues submissions by over 100% (103.65%) and issues closed by 81.07%!

A huge congratulations to both cities for their dedication to their cities! To Everett and Malden, #Fixapalooza doesn't end in October -- every month is a month to celebrate and improve their citizens services.

Here were the cities' baseline stats:

# SeeClickFix sign-ups: 433
# New issue submissions: 69
# Public issues fixed & closed: 37

# SeeClickFix sign-ups: 1674
# New issue submissions: 219
# Public issues fixed & closed: 206

Here are the results from Week 4:

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 7
# NEW issue submissions: 7
# NEW public issues fixed & closed: 3

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 16
# NEW issue submissions: 42
# NEW Public issues fixed & closed: 32

After combining results from Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3 + Week 4 (drum roll):

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 23 (5.31% increase from the baseline)
# NEW issue submissions: 53 (76.81% increase from the baseline)
# NEW public issues fixed & closed: 26 (70.27% increase from the baseline)

# NEW SeeClickFix sign-ups: 54 (3.23% increase from the baseline)
# NEW issue submissions: 227 (103.65% increase from the baseline)
# NEW Public issues fixed & closed: 167 (81.07% increase from the baseline)