How did Huntsville Public Works and citizens worked together to fix a pothole?

(Watch news storyhere!)

In Huntsville, AL, the Huntsville Public Works and citizens work together to fix important infrastructure issues.

The Huntsville Public Works Department gets many requests for service for various infrastructure issues ' making it sometimes challenging to know which requests should take priority. With SeeClickFix, however, citizens can not only report these issues but also vote and comment ' showing support for an issue without creating a duplicate issue. That way, the Huntsville Public Works can get a better understanding of what issues citizens care the most about, moving it up in the priority list.

For example, in the past couple weeks, Huntsville news wrote a storyon an issue reported by a Huntsville citizen Lyle Voyles reported a sunken street on Logan Drive in Huntsville. The issue has been viewed over 200 times receiving multiple votes of support from other citizens. Here's what the issue looks like on

Because of the attention the sunken street was receiving, the Huntsville Public Works Department headed out to check out the damage. According to the Huntsville Public Works Director Christopher McNeese, further exploration allowed them to rule out the possibility that the damage was caused by a break in the sewer line that is running beneath the road.As McNeese said: "The Public Work's Area Superintendent responded immediately to evaluate the depression. He called COH Water Pollution Control and found no deficiencies in the line. At that point, we treated it as a 'base failure' and patched the depression with asphalt material early Tuesday morning."

A collaboration between Huntsville Public Works and citizens resulted in a concerning issue turning into a quick, simple solution. Here's a picture of the patched street!