7 SeeClickFix Cities Named America's Most Digital of 2015

Many of our partner cities were named among this year's America's Most Digital Cities of 2015 for their apps powered by SeeClickFix.

According to Government Technology, who conducted the 2015 Digital Cities Survey (infographic), dozens of cities were selected by the Center for Digital Government judging panel as "the most strategic, efficient and innovative guardians of public-sector tech in the nation". The panel evaluated submissions keeping in mind four key factors:

  • citizen engagement
  • policy
  • operations
  • technology & data

As Government Technology beautifully articulates: "The best digital cities have developed a mature infrastructure that affords city leaders a chance to experiment with forward-thinking technology projects that are molded in the image of the average citizen's lifestyle."

Shawnee, KS -Infrastructure is Crucial
1st place for up to 75,000 population category

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From Government Technology's 2015 Digital Cities: Winners Experiment with Forward-Thinking Tech Projects.

Shawnee, KS won 1st place for the up to 75,000 population category.

"Shawnee was recognized for projects like its customer relationship platform (CRM), Shawnee Connect, a city-branded app and website that allows citizens to report problems, view maps of requests submitted by others, and work with other citizens on fixing problems. A GIS-powered street condition rating map allows citizens to monitor city infrastructure following the passage of new taxes to upgrade city parks, trails and drainage systems."

Best quotes:

"Infrastructure is crucial. It's very important to the overall well-being of not just the agency itself but to the community. I think it's vital. We have to continually invest in those components or else our city becomes. ... Aging infrastructure is not a good position to be in."
- Mel Bunting, the city's director of Information Technology Services

"Technology is in that conversation now. When we look at any discussions regarding initiatives that we as an organization undertake, technology is a component that has to be on that table."
- Mel Bunting, the city's director of Information Technology Services

"From the city of Shawnee, it's just a great opportunity to be recognized. It's a commitment to our community and I think this has just been a great commendation the city is very happy to receive."
- Mel Bunting, the city's director of Information Technology Services

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Other noted SeeClickFix partner awardees for their 311 applications:

City of Ann Arbor, MI
4th place for 75,000 – 124,999 population category

Ann_Arbor.png(Image from here.)

"The push for a user-friendly, transparent government is at the top of Ann Arbor's list of priorities. A focus on self-service through the city's website and tools like A2 Fix It, a public service request portal, help citizens access government services and information. In addition to these options, residents can access financial and budgetary data shared through online portals. Enhancements made this year allow for curious citizens to drill down into city spending for greater detail. Projects like the standardization of business processes and automation of the city's "budget book" are improving the accuracy of financial information both publicly and in-house. The redesign of Ann Arbor's intranet system, A2Central, has greatly improved navigability since the system's inception in the late 1990s. Looking toward the future and the Internet of Things, the city is plotting a course to leverage the sensors and connected vehicle applications for improved mobility and safety for drivers and pedestrians."

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City of Albuquerque, NM
6th place for the 250,000 or more population category

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"Albuquerque is well positioned for a mobile future, having reached the tipping point with half of its external Web traffic coming from a mobile device. Beyond a responsive website, the city has taken a fresh look at Web content to make it easier to find, and boosted its online self-service offerings, which will soon include mobile bus passes, online public records requests and recreation league signups. Use of its 311 app has grown rapidly since its 2013 launch, according to the city...Key processes have been automated, leaving the city far less dependent on manual paper processes."

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Other noted SeeClickFix partner awardees for their leadership in technology:

City of Virginia Beach, VA
5th place for the 250,000 or more population category

"A detailed Master Technology Plan guides the digital activities of Virginia Beach, Va....a road map for the city's digital future within four categories: transforming service delivery, building better business solutions, strengthening governance, and improving infrastructure and operations."

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City of Greensboro, NC
9th place for the 250,000 or more population category

"Greensboro is working to become one of North Carolina's next gigabit cities...In addition, a cloud-hosted ERP system was implemented last year and allows the city to invest the savings into newer technologies.

City of Fayetteville, NC
4th place for 125,000 – 249,999 population category

"Fayetteville strives to digitally engage and empower its citizens. The city's Fayetteville OutFront site invites residents to offer ideas and suggestions for improvements in programs and services, and also is a vehicle where residents can interact with each other and city staff about current issues."

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City of Winston-Salem, NC
5th place for 125,000 - 249,999 population category

"Winston-Salem's continued investment in technology has positioned the city to offer better service to its citizens and a more efficient workplace for its staff...For staff, mobile office connectivity and the ability to rely on tablets and smartphones allows for more productive in-field work...The push toward cloud-based and on-premises solutions has greatly reduced the city's reliance on paper-based file systems."

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We are proud to work with these partner cities on their advanced, now award-winning, technology to make their communities better and more resilient places to live by improving citizen services. In particular, we'd love to congratulate our partner Shawnee, KS, who was included among one of the first place winners in four population categories, for their "Shawnee Connect" app powered by SeeClickFix.