Harvard Igniting Innovation Summit: Recap


This past Saturday, I was honored to attend and speak at the 6th annual Harvard Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrenreneurship. The Igniting Innovation Summit's mission is tounite students, academics, and leaders in the field who are passionate about developing innovative solutions to today's most pressing problems; over the past few years it has become the largest undergraduate-run conference on social innovation in the world.

I spoked on behalf of SeeClickFix on a fascinating panel called "Bowling Again: Innovations for Community Revitalization". Here's the description for the panel:

In his 2000 book, Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam lamented the decline of social capital and community spirit throughout the United States. Throughout the past few years, innovators, entrepreneurs, and public servants have answered his call by setting out on a project to revitalize America's communities. Among these efforts, the projects that have been creating the buzz in civic technology are the ones that have focused on re-writing the relationships of the local community and strengthening local networks. Have these efforts been successful? What challenges have they faced? Best practices for budding civic tech entrepreneurs? Get your answers to these questions at this panel.

The panel was a killer group of folks includingJordan Raynor, Co-Founder of Citizinvestor; Kate Krontiris, fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University; and Matt Patton, VP of Operations at Agora Townhall. Here's a pic of the crew:


The panel was particularly fantastic becauase it broke the speaker-audience format: panelists asked questions of each other, while the audience asked numerous questions throughout. This resulted in many folks learning a lot to inform their work, new startups, and day-to-day lives. Here's a cool moment from the panel:

Screen_Shot_2015-11-20_at_6.49.41_AM.pngAnd here's an amazing person I was lucky to meet from a Providence, RI social entreprise accelerator:


Excited for SeeClickFix to attend #Ignite2016!