Novel SCF request type? Decatur Police will check up on a resident's home when they are away for the holidays.


The Decatur, GA Police Department wants to make sure every Decatur citizen has a relaxing and safe holiday season. And they are using SeeClickFix to help!

In this blog post by the City of Decatur, Lt. Jennifer S. Ross lists a collection of holiday safety tips for "shopping, shipping, & your home". Included among tips about being alert and aware of your surroundings is this fantastic tip Decatur citizens can use to protect their homes while they are traveling:

"If you are headed out of town, ask a neighbor to park one of their cars in your driveway and submit an "Out of Town House Check" through the SeeClickFix App, online or by calling the police department non-emergency number at 404/373-6551."

Decatur's 74,700+ citizens can report an "Out of Town House Check" through SeeClickFix and have the Decatur Police Department come check on their home while they are away. These requests are "internal requests" ' requests that will only be able to be seen by the Decatur Police Department. Service requests on SeeClickFix can be either "external" (i.e. public requests) or "internal" (i.e. private requests) to allow for situations like this where the privacy of citizens may be a concern.

Citizenscan submit these requests in a variety of ways depending on what is accessible to them, including mobile app (iPhone or Android), a website widget on the city's website, through, or by calling in.