Affordable Housing Tenants Report Private Property Issues to SeeClickFix


EBALDC & SeeClickFix Oakland

EBALDC,a nonprofit community development organization has joined the City of Oakland ' using SeeClickFix to connect with citizens and improve the City's communities.

Since 2012, the City of Oakland's citizens have been able to report non-emergency issues to Oakland City Hall (@Oakland) directly from their mobile phone or desktop. These requests cover a range of neighborhood concerns from graffiti and illegal dumping to potholes and sidewalk damage. This year, Oakland was named September's Top Fixer City for fixing 3,112 issues over the course of one month; in other words, Oakland citizens and government staff have come together to publiclyand proudly fix thousands of neighborhoods concerns every month ' makingthe city a more beautiful and connected place to live.

Now, one Oakland affordable housing development organization is building off the city's success with the platform. The East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) is partnering directly with SeeClickFix to allow their tenants to report private property concerns (i.e. plumbing problems, ceiling leaks, etc.) by phone or desktop. With the launch of SeeClickFix, EBALDC is swiftly becoming a leader in innovative tenant services.

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What is the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation?

@EBALDC) is a nonprofit community development organization that develops and manages high quality affordable apartments and homes, retail spaces for local small businesses and community centers in Oakland and the greater East Bay. Their mission is to work with and for all the diverse populations of the East Bay to build healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods through community development.

Currently, EBALDC owns:

  • ~200,000 sq. ft of residential (2,046 homes)
  • 300,000 sq. ft. of commercial space

How do they plan to use SeeClickFix?

"[Before partnering with SeeClickFix] the way issues were handled would be that people would call or email the property managers to say something's a problem," said Carolyn Johnson of EBALDC. With this process, it became increasingly difficult for Johnson to get a sense of whether or not EBALDC was addressing the issues coming in from tenants: "I would ask people for a summary of what are the current issues, what is outstanding, and what progress has been made; and no one could give me a report." For an organization that has a mission to provide the best resident services, this was frustrating.

In addition, without a tracking and communication system in place, there was concern from EBALDC that some of the numerous issues reported by tenants could get lost or buried ' and therefore never fixed. And, even if the issue was addressed, there was no easy way for EBALDC to communicate back to the tenant that the issue had been fixed. This could lead to painful, inefficient experience for both the tenant and EBALDC staff.

Johnson began pursuing technology to solve this problem: "[I thought] there's got to be something out there that can garner and compile reports for maintenance and facility related problems." In particular, she was drawn to SeeClickFix initially for two reasons:

  1. SeeClickFixis veryeasy-to-use.
  2. SeeClickFix was already being used successfully in the City of Oakland.

"SeeClickFix is more user-friendly," said Johnson, "Because it's directly on your cell phone or desktop and makes a lot more sense to users." EBALDC is home to a diverse group of tenants who range in age and tech-savviness; it was important to Johnson to find a platform that could be valuable and comfortable for any type of tenant to use with ease.

8679708234_20d9f3d38d_z.jpg(Picture from EBALDC website)

Adding to the ease-of-use was the fact that many of her tenants already use SeeClickFix to report issues to the City of Oakland. And now, they won't even have to leave the appto also report private property concerns. Here's a quick infographic showing you how tenants can report property problems directly to EBALDC and report city problems to Oakland Public Works from one app.


A Leader in Tenant Services

EBALDCisdedicated to continual service improvment ' for both their residential and commercial tenants. Inherent in the organization's vision for Oakland and the East Bay is to supportneighborhoods that provide people safe, maintained, and affordable homes, regardless of income or ethnic background.
By partnering with SeeClickFix, EBALDC hopes to uphold their core values as an organization of collaboration, respect, leadership, accountability, and passion ' forging deeper partnerships with tenants through clearer channels of communication and holding themselves accountable to their goal of a more connected community.

Through this partnership, EBALDC is building an innovative path by utilizing technology to solve problems on their property. They hope other property owners in Oakland and across the United States follow their lead!

The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, tenantscan send reports

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