GovLove Episode 30: Three Community Champions


In the past few months, three separate organizations in New Haven, CT simultaneously created and hired for a brand, new position: Community Engagement Manager.

Why this simultaneous focusing by these three organizations? And do each of their approaches to community engagement divide and intersect? Do they measure "engagement" differently? How will this combined effort change New Haven?

During this special 30th episode of GovLove Podcast (@GovLovePodcast), we sit down with these three community champions: all women, all hired exclusively to engage with their surrounding communities for organizations thatare working to make New Haven an increasingly more connected place to live:

  • Elizabeth Nearing (@BizNearing), Community Engagement Manager of Long Wharf Theatre (@Long_Wharf)
  • Sarah Sherban, Louise Endel Community Engagement Manager of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas (@artidea)
  • Ashley Sklar, Community Engagement & Communications Manager of the New Haven Free Public Library (@nhfpl)

Not only is this episode special for the story we're trying to tell, but WHERE the story is being told. The four of us piled into and recorded the interview at New Haven's Baobab Tree Studios (@baobabtreestudi), a digital media content creation maker-space. Baobab Tree Studios firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell and it has fundamentally designed the space to be rooted in helping all kinds of folks tell that story. Sincere thank you to Kevin Ewing (RevKev) and Baobab Studios for letting us use their space for our 30th episode!


Here at SeeClickFix (@SeeClickFix), the importance of community engagement is central to why we get up every morning thrilled to go to work at our headquarters in New Haven. We never tire of shouting loudly and proudly these kinds of stories of citizens and local government folks who work together to build better, stronger communities for themselves and their neighbors. To read more of these stories, read a few more on the rest of our blog.

Thank you all for listening to GovLove Podcast powered by SeeClickFix and ELGL (@ELGL50)!

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