SeeClickFix is one Detroit long-time resident and entrepreneur's #1 Civic App.


Mike Kalis (@MikeKalis1) has lived in Detroit his entire life. He isCEO of Detroit-based Marketplace Homes, as well as venture capitalist and investor in Zip Tours, a startup that helps homebuyers and renters see a home with an agent on their smartphones.

Kalis recently wrote a piece in Crain's Detroit Business called "10 apps that should be on every Detroiter's smartphone". In this piece, Kalis describes the "vibrant rebirth" Detroit has experienced since bankruptcy ' especially how "a technology-infused culture" has helped folks interact with Detroit "like never before".

"Improve Detroit", Detroit's citizen reporting app powered by SeeClickFix, is listed as Kalis's number one civic app of his favorite Detroit-centered apps that "showcase everything the city has to offer and help citizens connect with the city they love".

Here's how he describes the app:

"Keeping Detroit clean, safe, and functioning is a responsibility that falls on all of our shoulders. Improve Detroit allows you to report issues ' like potholes or damaged street signs ' directly to City Hall. You can also submit pictures of the issue and receive notifications when the problem is being addressed." - Mike Kalis, local Detroit business-owner

Kalis is not alone in applauding the success of the Improve Detroit app:

"The Improve Detroit app has ushered in a new era of customer service and accountability in city government. It's never been easier for Detroiters to get their voices heard and their complaints taken care of." - Mayor Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit

And Mayor Duggan has the numbers to prove it. As Motor City MuckRaker reported last month, in the past seven monthssince Mayor Mike Duggan's administration launched Improve Detroit, more than 10,000 problems have been fixed:

In addition, in September, Detroit ranked #3 Top Fixer City, a list of cities across the country solving problems, for fixing 2,133 issues in September alone.

Detroit has worked with SeeClickFix and Socrata to develop a lean process model that is making the city a leading in the open data movement. Check out the video below:

SeeClickFix is proud to be working with the City of Detroit. Download the app below and check it out: